Legal Document Scanning & Imaging

Scanning large case document files into searchable data as an ongoing retention and management program is essential in today’s litigation world.  It is a highly efficient way to meet both ethical document retention requirements as well as manage large volumes of files needed for litigation support.  Once documents are scanned, they can be produced and analyzed faster in the discovery phase making the process much easier and efficient to access and manage.  InfoShield Security can help convert your cases into digital format, integrating both computer files and scanned documents into the litigation support software of your choice. 

We can help you to convert legal cases into digital format.Our customizable OCR (Optical Character Recognition) service allows you to search scanned images by keyword or phrase enabling you to quickly and effortlessly locate important facts in a case.  Our software also provides Electronic Bates Labeling placing your files in numeric order.  In addition, the software allows for redaction of sensitive information such as social security numbers, names, addresses, etc.

Whether you need large back-file conversions or urgent daily scanning services, InfoShield Security is your one-stop for immediate and 100% accurate document imaging.  We can deliver searchable databases or integrate scanned documents compatible with any system such as Summation, Concordance, Eclipse, etc.

Electronic Data Discovery

EDD allows firms to exchange information that is in electronic format with courts or other law firms.  InfoShield Security offers EDD on all computer formatted files such as word, excel, access, powerpoint, etc., for easy transfer.

Call today to find out how InfoShield Security can help with imaging services you need to manage case data flow.