Medical Document Scanning


In 2009, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act passed in order to stimulate the economy and create positive economic growth.   Part of the act known as the Electronic Health Record (HRH) or Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Incentive Program was designed in order to provide monetary incentives to professionals within the healthcare industry who adopt and implement certified EHR technology.  Eligible professionals are able receive up to $44,000 as reimbursement for converting to a digitized patient information system.  This incentive payment is per doctor, thus a practice providing three working physicians can receive up to $132,000 in reimbursements.

IInfoShield Security use advanced OCR software for Medical Record Scanning.f however, a medical care physician does not take advantage of this program by 2015, and elects to continue with a non-certified EHR system, then the medical office will begin to incur fines of 1% of their annual Medicare billing after the first year, 2% by the second and 3% by the third and each recurring year thereafter until implemented.

Benefits of EMR:

  • Patient information can be accessed remotely 24 hours a day
  • Staff efficiency – no more time wasted in creating, pulling or filing patient charts
  • Cost Savings – less payroll dollars spent on clerical staff designated for managing patient files
  • Data efficiency – no more misplaced charts
  • Office space utilization – file space can be eliminated and better served for practice expansion

Back-File Scanning

Not only does new patient data need to be electronically digitized moving forward, but the volume of patient files currently housed in your office must be back-filed to electronic format.  Regardless of the software that is used by your facility, back-scanning of all patient records is required in order to be HIPAA & HITECH compliant.  InfoShield will be able to scan and format all your documents allowing you to take advantage of this once in a lifetime government incentive program, as well as equip you with the benefits of running an EMR facility.

InfoShield Security scans patient record charts and all hard copy medical documents into digital format using advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software making it easy and efficient to obtain patient data on demand.  Our service will provide you with precise indexing methodology that is very easy to learn and implement moving forward.  All files are scanned using state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring exacting quality standards for every image.

Portable Chart Capture Files

Our software will enable your client’s charts to be downloaded to a portable flash drive, which can be provided to your patients for a fee that you set.  You can also charge for periodic updates to the drive upon future visits adding an additional revenue stream to your practice.

Our electronic document management service saves you time, and time saved is money saved.  No need to spend hours or days searching for information.  Having your documents scanned and stored electronically will keep your staff more productive and better able to conduct their core competencies. 

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