Common Myths of Outsourced Shredding


  1. “We do not have enough material to justify a shredding service.”

    Truth:  An office with just a few employees can generate over 100 pounds of sensitive document material per month.  That equates to about 8 hours in labor to shred manually.  Wouldn’t you rather have that employee concentrate on the operation of your business vs. spending countless hours shredding paper?   It is far more economical, secure and convenient to deposit these materials in a secured locked console and be collected and destroyed on a scheduled basis.  InfoShield Security’s fast and efficient service offers a much more productive and cost effective solution.

  2. “Our heavy duty office shredder is sufficient for our needs”

    Truth:  Personal office shredders are slow and break down often when used frequently.  In a time where virtually everything with a name or number on it has to be destroyed prior to disposal, heavy-duty or not, office shredders can’t keep up.  Your employees are already overwhelmed with work and it is unrealistic to expect that they will faithfully go through the time-consuming laborious task of shredding documents page by page with small office machines.  Often times, the drudgery of shredding is put off and documents pile up next to the machine, until someone gets the urge to just toss it all in the trash.  Once that’s done, you are in huge violation and you don’t want to be a situation of an identity breach which can end up costing thousands of dollars not to mention the loss of company reputation that has taken years to achieve.

    When you install an office shredder, you alert your staff where the machine is and advise what to destroy and leave it at that.  This does not meet HIPPA, HITECH, FACTA, Red Flags Rule, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, also known as the Financial Services Modernization Act, etc. requirements, and chances are not all employees will adhere to the needs of shredding themselves – all documents, all the time.  In today’s environment of zero tolerance, relying on office machines is no longer acceptable.

    In addition, office shredders cannot accept metal and other materials.  Quite often, your documents contain staples, paper clips, binder clips, manila folders, etc., which cannot be discarded through an office shredder.  InfoShield Security’s on-site destruction trucks will grind any of this material in seconds, no need to spend the time to remove these objects.

  3. “Outsourcing is more expensive than shredding it ourselves.”

     Truth:  The only way that having your own shredder is less expensive is if your employees don’t use it.  For example, it would take approximately 15 minutes to shred 3 lbs of paper with a standard office machine.  If you assume your employee is paid $12 per hour, that’s $3 per day or $60 per month for each employee who shreds.   When your company destroys everything it should, it is far less expensive to outsource than it is to shred it yourself.  Much more time will be spent shredding documents than focusing on your core competencies.

    There are typically two scenarios of personnel who shred documents.  One is entry-level employees who are given the task to shred, in which case they are exposed to sensitive personnel and company records as well as competitive data that is not meant to be seen by everyone.  Entry-level employees may have less dedication to a firm’s best interests, thus sensitive data can more likely become compromised.  Another is management level employees who are especially busy and paid top dollar to perform more important work.  Either scenario is unacceptable to your firm’s productivity.

  4. “Using our personal office shredder is safe enough.”

    Truth: If you think portable office shredding machines are acceptable for your needs, think again.  Shredded documents from personal machines creates strips of paper that can be easily put back together with various reconstruction software such as Unshredder and electronically scanned reproducing the original page.  Office machine shredded strips basically tells an identity thief what to take and what to leave behind, making their job easier.  Our NAID certified on-site shredding truck pulverizes and ultimately destroys the material turning it into confetti size paper, rendering it completely impossible to repair.   In addition, your material is commingled with massive volumes of other shredded paper making it further undecipherable.  As a result, it is virtually impossible to reconstruct any single document once it has passed through our secure shredding system.

Common Myths of Outsourced Shredding


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