On-site vs. Off-site

for on-site mobile document destruction service contact infoshield security, LLCWhen documents are removed from your facility and shipped to an off-site plant, the chain of custody is lost and exposure to prying eyes is very relevant.  You don’t know what security measures if any are being enforced, and in some cases material to be shredded is simply baled and shipped off to foreign countries that are willing to pay the highest price for full size material.

On-site mobile document destruction service eliminates the risk of a potential security breach when material is taken from your home or office to be shredded at a remote location.  InfoShield Security’s bonded, insured, background screened, uniformed and ID tagged security professionals visits your facility on a scheduled basis, removes the contents of the locked consoles, places the material into a loading bin, wheels the locked bin to the on-site shredding truck and performs the shredding right at your location.   Our trucks even have a video monitor displaying the high-speed internal shredding process for you to witness.   Documents are never seen or touched again once placed into the locked security consoles by your staff and the mobile shredding truck does not leave your location until the destruction is 100% complete.   Upon each visit, a Certificate of Destruction is provided for your compliance records acknowledging that InfoShield Security accepts fiduciary responsibility for the confidentiality and destruction of received materials.

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